From Light to Light: The Weekly Jewish Holiday

Embark on a visual exploration of the significance of each element of Shabbat, from the lighting of the candles to the sharing of the challah bread. Delve into the historical roots of Shabbat observance, tracing its origins back through centuries of Jewish heritage. Admire intricately crafted ritual objects, including beautifully adorned candlesticks, ornate Kiddush cups, and intricately embroidered challah covers, each telling a story of devotion and tradition.

Experience the warmth of Shabbat hospitality as you learn about the significance of Shabbat rituals, from the blessing of the wine to the recitation of the Kiddush, fostering a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of Shabbat observance.Gain a deeper appreciation for the universal themes of rest, renewal, and connection that lie at the heart of Shabbat observance.

From Light to Light: The Weekly Jewish Holiday of Shabbat

Currently on Display

Step into the sacred rhythm of Jewish tradition as the Breman Museum proudly presents “From Light to Light: The Weekly Jewish Holiday of Shabbat.” This captivating exhibition invites visitors on a journey through the heart of Shabbat, the cherished weekly holiday that transcends time and space, weaving together history, tradition, and community.

Discover the essence of Shabbat through a rich tapestry of stories, artifacts, and Judaica carefully curated from the archives of the Breman Museum and esteemed Jewish Temples and Synagogues throughout Atlanta.