Curiosity. Piqued.

One of our main goals as a cultural institution is to preserve true accounts of Jewish history and provide immersive learning experiences that give people a deeper understanding of our culture and heritage. Our various programs are designed to stimulate learning for people of all ages, including guided tours for middle and high schoolers, a Summer Teacher Institute for educators, and special exhibitions for lifelong learners.

Bearing Witness

The Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education

The atrocities of the Holocaust should never be forgotten—and neither should the moments of resiliency and resourcefulness that carried many Jewish people to the other side.

History with 

Experience real stories of the Southern 
Jewish adventure with over 250 artifacts, documents, photographs and oral histories. From unsolved mysteries to a cabinet of curiosities, you will leave with a sense of 
both the heartache and the happiness of 
the generations that came before us.

Leo Frank

The story of Leo Frank is one that has particular resonance with Southerners. Riddled with many twists and turns, this story continues to pique curiosity and tell a different side of what segregation looked like in Atlanta. We encourage you to dive into Leo’s world and learn about the pivotal case that rattled the city.

Group Tours

From school students learning about the Holocaust for the first time to culturally curious adults looking to deepen their understanding, our experienced docents and Holocaust survivor speakers will guide you though resilient and remarkable stories.

Walking Tours

Get out and about with a self-guided tour of Atlanta’s most pivotal Jewish landmarks and historical sites. Just download our Historic Jewish Atlanta app and take in all the great stories at your own speed.

Where You can Ooh, Aah, and Oy Vey in one Afternoon

So much more than a museum, the Breman is a cultural center where people from all backgrounds are welcome to connect over stories that celebrate Jewish life in the South. You might laugh here, you might cry here, you might dance here. No matter what, you will always experience something remarkable.