Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education

Resilience Runs Deep.

The atrocities of the Holocaust should never be forgotten—and neither should the moments of resiliency and resourcefulness that carried many Jewish people to the other side. Our approach to Holocaust education includes highlighting deeply personal stories of extraordinary people, many of whom survived and made new, prosperous lives in Atlanta.

Immerse yourself in our unique approach to Holocaust storytelling, and find a personal connection with one of humanity’s most significant moments in time.

Educating the Next Generation

The Lillian and A.J. Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education offers a broad range of age-appropriate educational programs pertaining to the Holocaust. In addition to offering on-site guided tours of our Holocaust Gallery, The Weinberg Center provides teachers with access to Holocaust-related educational materials (such as films about local Holocaust survivors for educational purposes), in-class speakers (including survivor testimony), and a chance to earn staff development credits through The Summer Institute for Holocaust Education. 

Supporting the Mission of the Museum

The main purpose of The Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education is to make authentic resources on the Holocaust available to teachers, students, and institutions. By doing so, The Weinberg Center supports the primary mission of The Breman Museum—to commemorate the Jewish experience while supporting universal diversity and promoting human dignity.

Through written materials, guided tours, and oral presentations, we provide educators and pupils with critical information on a range of topics relating to this most tragic and brutal episode in the history of humanity.

Keeping the Memory Alive

In addition to providing learning materials, The Breman Museum also conducts and facilitates original Holocaust research. Our knowledgeable staff strives to maintain exceptionally high standards of scholarship while conserving and passing on the memory of the Holocaust so that the lessons of past horrors may continue to inform future generations.