Bearing Witness

Rabbi Joe continues, “Through the generous grant from The Rich Foundation, the Bearing Witness series allows us to welcome a wide audience of new and returning visitors to the museum who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to hear a speaker first-hand. Because of this gift, we believe future generations will learn the vital lessons of history from those who witnessed it.”

2024-2025 Bearing Witness Schedule

December 10, 2024 – Ben Walker

January 21, 2024 – George Rishfeld

February 18,  2024 – Bebe Forehand

March 17, 2024 – Ruth (Renee) Hartz

Bearing Witness: Unforgettable Stories from the Holocaust

Bearing Witness, is a series that features Holocaust survivors, and their children, all Atlanta residents, who tell their unforgettable stories during the Holocaust. Their words rise above hatred and retribution to speak about the strength and will that enabled them to survive and to go on to build new lives. The Breman Museum is pleased to offer free admission to the Bearing Witness series through a generous grant from The Rich Foundation.

“The Bearing Witness series is about hearing the full and untold stories of Jewish survival during the Holocaust. Through the Breman lens of the 4Rs: resilience, resourcefulness, resistance and rescue, we see how people survived this dark period in history.

“Even as we teach about the horrors of the Holocaust, we want to shine a light on the strength of our survivors and their families who were able to live through this time,” says Rabbi Joseph Prass, Director of the Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education. “It is through the first-hand recounting of our speakers that we learn the lessons of history so that we will never forget and never allow it to happen again.”