Icons: Selections from the 
Portrait Unbound
October 2023–December 2024

ICONS showcases Jewish photographer Robert Weingarten’s innovative and groundbreaking visual biographies of notable American icons, including Henry Aaron, Stephen Sondheim, Sandra Day O’Connor, Colin Powell, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Alice Waters. Using layers of images to create mosaics, these large-scale photographs capture the essence of each individual—from what they most loved in the world to their most noteworthy achievements.

What’s unique about Weingarten’s approach is that he examines each person from a biographical rather than a physical perspective—based on the subjects’ answers to the question, “What makes you who you are?” The outcome of that simple question is that these portrayals are “unbound” from a traditional portraiture perspective—focusing more on ideals than appearance.

Bob Yellowlees, an art collector and founder of Lumière, noted, “Having collected Robert Weingarten’s work for 25 years and curated over 50 exhibitions that included some 60 master photographers, I feel that his “portraits without people” is one of the most Imaginative and engaged in the potential of digital technologies in the arts.”

Come see some of America’s most beloved icons in a whole new light.