Donate to our Archives

There's History in Your Home!

For any questions about donations of archival material or to make an appointment use the number and email below to contact our Archives Department.


All too often pieces of history are lost forever when we clean out our homes because we don’t realize the significance of what is being discarded. Instead of throwing them away or letting them collect dust, donate your family’s valuable Jewish genealogy and history resources to our Archives so that they can be preserved in perpetuity for future generations. Only items that can help further The Breman’s Mission will be accepted, so please consult the list below of what is being actively collected before making inquiries.

We Actively Collect:

Personal Papers, Family Papers, Business Records, Organization Records, Synagogue Records, Rabbis Papers

Types of Papers and Records Include:

Meeting MinutesWritingsTextiles
CorrespondenceNewspapers ClippingsDiaries/Journals